AA Product String Builder


AA Product String Builder

Up to this point when using old-fashioned, on-page Adobe implementations or DTM, some amount of custom code was required. That ends now! Search Discovery’s Adobe Analytics Product String Extension extension is the best product string builder yet, enabling the user to to dynamically build the Adobe Analytics Product String and s.events without the need for Custom Code. This extension supports custom events and merch evars which makes it the best Product String extension in the Launch Extension Catalog. Actions can be intermixed with Adobe Analytics actions giving you greater power over your data.


To install the AA Product String Builder, take the following actions,

  1. In a Property in Launch, navigate to the Extensions tab.

  2. Click the Catalog sub-tab.

  3. For "AA Product String Builder," click "Install."

  4. On the next screen, there is no configuration needed, so you can just click "Save" in the upper right.

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