Extension Configuration

Install the Auth Bridge

Before you can fully configure the Parent/Child Property Manager users need to install the SDI Auth Bridge chrome extension. This allows the launch extension to leverage the current user's authentication to make the property queries and updates required.

Once the Auth Bridge is enabled in chrome you can begin to use PCPM.

Settings below are only available in Pro Mode

1) Add managed properties

PCPM requires a list of launch properties to manage before it can function.

Press the + button to add properties. This opens a model you can use to search for and add other launch properties from the same company.

Save the extension settings to the library after this action

You can remove properties from the list at any time in the future by selecting one or more properties and pressing "UNMANAGE"

Save the extension settings to the library after this action

2) Select Launch Library

The contents of selected library will be used to when all resources within that library are copied to the selected child properties.

3) Copy to children

Once you have selected a library and at least one child property you will be able to select "COPY TO CHILDREN". After confirming this action you will see the copying to children modal. Depending on how many children there are this process can take a minute or two.

Copy to children can be a destructive action!

It will overwrite elements in the child property.

PCPM overwrites rules, data elements, and extensions so if there are local updates to the children's elements with the same name they will be overwritten by the parent.

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