Apollo QAX

v 1.0

The Apollo Quality Assurance Extension leverages Search Discovery's AArdvark (Adobe Analytics Realtime Validation and Rule Keeper) technology and other features to ensure the accuracy of Adobe Analytics data captured by Apollo implementations.

It is a companion extension for Adobe Analytics that inspects each beacon prior to being sent, validating for syntax and content. Validation issues are shown in the developer's console and also (optionally) sent up to an Airbrake project for aggregation.

Beyond the basic syntax and content validation, AArdvark provides an event within Launch that can be used to trigger your own validation rules. As an example, a rule could be built to validate that eVar4 is always set on beacons send from product detail pages.

Above and beyond the features of AArdvark, Apollo QAX leverages configured test cases within the Apollo UX by Apollo users to test for specific patterns or values within Adobe variables.

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