Best Practices

Naming conventions

It's a very good idea to use a common naming convention when managing properties with PCPM.

  • Name all managed "child" properties with a common prefix [prefix] - [child property name] eg. G - Main site

  • Name all launch properties with the PCPM extension with a prefix to match the managed "children" of that "Parent" property [prefix] - [parent property name] eg. G - Parent Template

  • Name all Rules and Data Elements within the parent property [prefix] - [element name] eg. G - Page Name

Library Management

It's important to be mindful of the libraries you leverage with PCPM. The full list of available libraries can become hard to manage within the extension. You also do not need to publish the parent library for it to be available to PCPM so managing your available libraries in development can be helpful to keep the list manageable.

Many clients only have one library in their parent property.

Set a working library

When making updates in the parent library it's wise to keep the working library set to the library you plan to syndicate to the child properties.

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