SDI Toolkit


The SDI Toolkit is an extension within Launch, by Adobe that enables users to save time and effort implementing what previously were complex custom coded scenarios in Adobe DTM. This toolkit brings together years of experience and expertise from a team of analytics developers who have been implementing solutions within Adobe DTM for years to the new extensibility and power of Launch.

Key Features:

The SDI Toolkit provides multiple features and capabilities designed to make your work developing websites and customer experiences easier while taking advantage of new capabilities in the Launch, by Adobe platform.

  • Data Element Translator — Useful for creating dynamic 3rd party pixels

  • Launch Build Info — Useful in analysis of bugs in the implementation

  • Malformed URL Detection — For detecting and reporting on malformed URLs that may lead to incorrect campaign tracking

  • Swipe Gestures — For tracking swipe gestures on mobile devices

  • Cookie Setter & Remover — For setting data to a cookie to be read later

  • Web Storage Setter & Remover — For setting data to web storage to be read later

  • Optional Polyfills for Object.assign and Promise

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