Release Notes - Data Layer Manager

v1.0.3 - 2018-11-07

  • Initial release to public

v1.0.6 - 2018-11-14

  • Added filter so that no event is dispatched if "event" key does not exist.

  • Added filter so that computedState is based only on event objects

  • Fixed issue regarding the handling of events pushed prior to DLM init

  • Add computedState to __meta of each pushed event

  • Added getter _computedStateAtIndex(index)

  • Added getter _computedStateAtItem(item)

v1.2.1 - 2019-02-28

  • Added Event : Data Layer Push

  • Added Data Element : Context Aware

  • Removed eventPrefix from extension configuration ( superfluous )

  • Removed triggerNodeId from extension configuration ( superfluous )

  • Added ability to centrally configure event names

  • Added deep links to in the header of every view

  • Refreshed header styling

  • Added unlock indicator for Pro Features

  • Pro Feature added - JSON schema based payload validation

    • Ability to provide a JSON schema for validation of each named event

    • Pro Configuration : Airbrake API Key / Project ID

  • Pro Feature added - Event Transformer Functions

  • Pro Feature added - Action : Reset Data Layer

  • Pro Feature added - Configuration : Reset Data Layer before Named Event

v1.2.2 - 2019-03-01

  • Included Adobe Exchange Listing URL in manifest

  • Tweaked log messaging for Context Aware Data Element

v1.2.3 - 2019-03-15

  • Cosmetic changes only. No functional changes made.

v1.2.7 - 2019-03-26

  • Updated Airbrake calls to include the event payload for easier debugging.

  • Updated Airbrake calls to include Launch Environment to align with Airbrake tracking of Launch deployments.

v1.2.8 - 2019-05-09

  • Added pretty print to JSON schemas on extension configuration view.

  • Added support for validation of events pushed prior to DLM init.

  • Event validation is now asynchronous.

v1.2.9 - 2019-05-29

  • Added ability to use deep references ( when specifying Data Layer Root on main config view.

  • Pro Feature update - Event Lifecycle Hooks may now be registered by pushing an "preValidationCallback" object directly onto the data layer.

v1.2.10 - 2019-06-17

  • Added new node to the managed data layer, _managedBy, which points to these docs and provides an easy way to know if Data Layer Manager has been applied to a data layer array.

  • Implemented a process to detect when a managed data layer has been overwritten or deleted. If this situation is detected, an error message is sent to the console.

  • The option dropdown field on Data Layer Push event configuration was been widened to show more information.

  • Detailed logging has been moved from to logger.debug. To see detailed logging select "Verbose" in the log level setting of the developer console.

v1.2.11 - 2019-07-23

  • Added a console message letting the viewer know that more detailed info can be seen by enabling Verbose log levels.

  • Fixed an edge-case in the extension UI for the Data Layer Push Event.

v1.2.12 - 2019-08-05

  • Added sharedModule to expose settings to other extensions at runtime. turbine.getSharedModule('data-layer-manager-search-discovery', 'dlm-settings');

v1.2.13 - 2019-09-16

  • Upgraded Airbrake client library version from v1.6.4 to v1.6.7 (Pro Mode only)

  • Improved error handling for unresolved promises from loadScript (Pro Mode only)

v1.2.14 - 2019-09-17

  • Hotfix for an issue accidentally introduced in v1.2.13. (no functional changes)

v1.2.16 - 2020-01-06

  • Changed tv4.js from a hosted lib to a built-in module to avoid creating the tv4 object at global scope. This was done as a response to a runtime incompatibility between RequireJS and tv4 (v1.0.3).

  • Changed airbrake.js from a hosted lib to a module loaded via turbine.getSharedModule. The shared module provider is the Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extension.

  • Added the ability to specify which (if any) Launch environments will run JSON schema validation on event payloads. This enables a new ability to run validations in production.

  • Cleaned up UI of extension configuration view.

v1.2.17 - 2020-02-10

  • The error message, Missing Dependency: Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extension,was being shown for people using the free version of DLM. Logic was added to present this message only for Pro-mode users who have configured the Airbrake integration but not included the Airbrake extension on the Launch property.

  • Missing Dependency: Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extensionmessage was downgraded from error to warn since the condition is gracefully handled.

  • tv4.js was refactored to become a commonJS module (fix for issues reported in dojo.js and Magento).

  • Unnecessary polyfills were removed from tv4.js, shedding 3.5Kb of vestigial code.

v2.0.1 - 2020-06-01

  • Updates to UI (Changed to Vue.js, Updated color scheme)

  • Added upfront pricing and self-service subscription management.

  • Added Click Event Detection for CTA, Download, Exit, and Internal Anchors.

  • Added Global Pre Processor and Global Post Processor events.

v2.0.2 - 2020-06-05

  • Resolved issues around the management of JSON schemas (Pro mode feature) on the extension configuration view.

v2.0.3 - 2020-08-31

  • Updated an internal library to prevent a console error message when access to localStorage is prevented due to browser security settings.

v2.0.4 - 2021-02-23

  • Removed pagination from the Events list on the main configuration view.

v2.0.5 - 2021-06-09

  • Convert DOM Element fields to unique CSS selectors within computedState.

v2.0.6 - 2021-08-23

  • Updated references of_satellite.buildInfo.environment to access _satellite.environment.stage instead.

v2.0.8 - 2021-10-12

  • Updated documentation on configuration page

  • Removed pagination from events list on configuration page

  • Includes v2.0.7 internal release

v2.1.0 - 2022-02-01

  • Made "Reset before" Setting available for non-pro users.

  • Made "Reset Data Layer" Action available for non-pro users.

  • Resolved uncaught error when a Context-Aware Data Element is referenced prior to DLM Init.

  • Added ability to delay DLM initialization until a consent cookie is detected.

  • Resolved issue where non-DLM errors were occasionally being sent to Airbrake.

  • Restructured the syntax of messages that are sent to Airbrake for more convenient aggregation and reporting.

  • Stripped 'key' field from settings.evenNames[n] to avoid unnecessary revisions in Launch when no actual changes are made.

  • Added a caching mechanism (sessionStorage in iframe) for license information to speed up the UI.

  • Added ability for Apollo users to host validation schemas in the cloud rather than building them into extensionSettings.

v2.1.1 - 2022-02-04

  • Resolved issue 'Failed to read the 'sessionStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.' on Chrome when 'Block 3rd Party Cookies' is enabled.

v2.1.2 - 2022-03-03

  • Updated licensing SDK that improves UI performance by caching subscription info in sessionStorage.

v2.1.3 - 2022-03-14

  • Added Ui Element click event detection

v2.1.4 - 2022-04-12

  • Fixed minor issue with click event detection settings

v2.1.5 - 2022-05-04

  • Added options for Context-Aware Data Elements to translate boolean values to string values '1' or '0'. Also added translation option to map undefined to '0'.

v2.1.6 (skipped)

v2.1.7 - 2023-06-23

  • Changed from console.error to console.warn for data layer validation messages.

v2.1.8 - 2023-11-15

  • Rebranded to Further

  • Added ability for Context-Aware Data Element to return an empty array when value is undefined.

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