Release Notes - Data Layer Manager

v1.0.3 - 2018-11-07

    Initial release to public

v1.0.6 - 2018-11-14

    Added filter so that no event is dispatched if "event" key does not exist.
    Added filter so that computedState is based only on event objects
    Fixed issue regarding the handling of events pushed prior to DLM init
    Add computedState to __meta of each pushed event
    Added getter _computedStateAtIndex(index)
    Added getter _computedStateAtItem(item)

v1.2.1 - 2019-02-28

    Added Event : Data Layer Push
    Added Data Element : Context Aware
    Removed eventPrefix from extension configuration ( superfluous )
    Removed triggerNodeId from extension configuration ( superfluous )
    Added ability to centrally configure event names
    Added deep links to in the header of every view
    Refreshed header styling
    Added unlock indicator for Pro Features
    Pro Feature added - JSON schema based payload validation
      Ability to provide a JSON schema for validation of each named event
      Pro Configuration : Airbrake API Key / Project ID
    Pro Feature added - Event Transformer Functions
    Pro Feature added - Action : Reset Data Layer
    Pro Feature added - Configuration : Reset Data Layer before Named Event

v1.2.2 - 2019-03-01

    Included Adobe Exchange Listing URL in manifest
    Tweaked log messaging for Context Aware Data Element

v1.2.3 - 2019-03-15

    Cosmetic changes only. No functional changes made.

v1.2.7 - 2019-03-26

    Updated Airbrake calls to include the event payload for easier debugging.
    Updated Airbrake calls to include Launch Environment to align with Airbrake tracking of Launch deployments.

v1.2.8 - 2019-05-09

    Added pretty print to JSON schemas on extension configuration view.
    Added support for validation of events pushed prior to DLM init.
    Event validation is now asynchronous.

v1.2.9 - 2019-05-29

    Added ability to use deep references ( when specifying Data Layer Root on main config view.
    Pro Feature update - Event Lifecycle Hooks may now be registered by pushing an "preValidationCallback" object directly onto the data layer.

v1.2.10 - 2019-06-17

    Added new node to the managed data layer, _managedBy, which points to these docs and provides an easy way to know if Data Layer Manager has been applied to a data layer array.
    Implemented a process to detect when a managed data layer has been overwritten or deleted. If this situation is detected, an error message is sent to the console.
    The option dropdown field on Data Layer Push event configuration was been widened to show more information.
    Detailed logging has been moved from to logger.debug. To see detailed logging select "Verbose" in the log level setting of the developer console.

v1.2.11 - 2019-07-23

    Added a console message letting the viewer know that more detailed info can be seen by enabling Verbose log levels.
    Fixed an edge-case in the extension UI for the Data Layer Push Event.

v1.2.12 - 2019-08-05

    Added sharedModule to expose settings to other extensions at runtime. turbine.getSharedModule('data-layer-manager-search-discovery', 'dlm-settings');

v1.2.13 - 2019-09-16

    Upgraded Airbrake client library version from v1.6.4 to v1.6.7 (Pro Mode only)
    Improved error handling for unresolved promises from loadScript (Pro Mode only)

v1.2.14 - 2019-09-17

    Hotfix for an issue accidentally introduced in v1.2.13. (no functional changes)

v1.2.16 - 2020-01-06

    Changed tv4.js from a hosted lib to a built-in module to avoid creating the tv4 object at global scope. This was done as a response to a runtime incompatibility between RequireJS and tv4 (v1.0.3).
    Changed airbrake.js from a hosted lib to a module loaded via turbine.getSharedModule. The shared module provider is the Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extension.
    Added the ability to specify which (if any) Launch environments will run JSON schema validation on event payloads. This enables a new ability to run validations in production.
    Cleaned up UI of extension configuration view.

v1.2.17 - 2020-02-10

    The error message, Missing Dependency: Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extension,was being shown for people using the free version of DLM. Logic was added to present this message only for Pro-mode users who have configured the Airbrake integration but not included the Airbrake extension on the Launch property.
    Missing Dependency: Airbrake JS Notifier Launch extensionmessage was downgraded from error to warn since the condition is gracefully handled.
    tv4.js was refactored to become a commonJS module (fix for issues reported in dojo.js and Magento).
    Unnecessary polyfills were removed from tv4.js, shedding 3.5Kb of vestigial code.

v2.0.1 - 2020-06-01

    Updates to UI (Changed to Vue.js, Updated color scheme)
    Added upfront pricing and self-service subscription management.
    Added Click Event Detection for CTA, Download, Exit, and Internal Anchors.
    Added Global Pre Processor and Global Post Processor events.

v2.0.2 - 2020-06-05

    Resolved issues around the management of JSON schemas (Pro mode feature) on the extension configuration view.

v2.0.3 - 2020-08-31

    Updated an internal library to prevent a console error message when access to localStorage is prevented due to browser security settings.

v2.0.4 - 2021-02-23

    Removed pagination from the Events list on the main configuration view.

v2.0.5 - 2021-06-09

    Convert DOM Element fields to unique CSS selectors within computedState.

v2.0.6 - 2021-08-23

    Updated references of_satellite.buildInfo.environment to access _satellite.environment.stage instead.

v2.0.8 - 2021-10-12

    Updated documentation on configuration page
    Removed pagination from events list on configuration page
    Includes v2.0.7 internal release
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