Mapped Array

Data Element: Mapped Array

General Configuration

The Mapped Array Data element gives you this ability to translate your existing Data Layer implementation into XDM without the need for additional development.

To configure the Mapped Array Data Element:

  1. Provide the root Data Layer object in the "Data Layer Root" field, which is best used with Data Layer Manager's Context Aware data element.

  2. Define the collection path of the Data Layer object array you are trying to map in the "Object Array Path" field.

    For example, if your object array exists at appEventData.product, you would enter "product" here.

  3. Configure the table with all of the data elements being mapped to the XDM object.

Data Element Configuration

Source Type

You may configure a data element as one of the six options: Data Within Array, Array Index (zero_based), Array Index (one_based), Boolean TRUE, Boolean FALSE, Value from Data Element

Source Path or Data Element

This field applies when the source type is either Data Within Array or Value from Data Element. When configuring a data element from data within an array, provide the source path to the value. For values from data elements, select the appropriate data element.

If you are trying to map the name of a product that exists at, with "product" set as your Object Array Path, your source path would be "".

Destination Path

Enter either the predefined XDM data element or the mix-in you are mapping the data to.

Destination Data Type

Select the appropriate data type from one of the five options: string, integer, float, boolean, object.

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