Malformed URL Error

This Data Element Type evaluates the URL of the page and detects the most common malformations that might otherwise go unnoticed. Automatic detection of these malformations can help tremendously in tightening up external (and internal) campaign tracking.

All of the following conditions are considered malformations and will be reported

  • Malformed URL : & before ?

  • Multiple Question Marks in Query String

  • Query String Key missing equal sign

  • Query String Key missing Value

  • Query String Value missing Key

  • Query String has multiple running equal signs

  • Query String Key repeated

  • Query String has multiple running &'s

The data element type offers four different return types, selectable at configuration via a dropdown.

  • Javascript Array of Errors

  • Pipe Delimited List of Errors

  • First Error Only

  • True / False string

An example of each return type is demonstrated in the image below on a page with a terribly malformed URL.

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