Running a test

The intended flow of using Apollo QAX is that Apollo users would configure test cases in Apollo and then would output the validation documentation. This documentation would contain links to the site pages requiring testing. Those links would contain the required url query parameters formatted correctly.

Obviously QAX also needs to be present and enabled on the web page(s) you are testing.

URL parameters

To enable a QAX test case a page needs to load with query parameters with details on what test case QAX should run and what version of that test case.

For example:

  • qax_tc: This is for the test case ID which is created by Apollo when users publish a property.

  • qax_v: This is for the test case version which is updated every time the test cases are updated and published in Apollo. (It's used to retrieve the correct version of the test case JSON object stored in its own file)

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