Cookie Setter

The Cookie Setter action lets you set cookies without writing any code. It exposes all options of cookie.set from the js-cookie package.

This extension relies upon the Launch Core module, @adobe/reactor-cookie, which uses

In all cases, when setting a cookie, you must set two required values (either as static values or as data element references).

  1. Cookie Key - The name of the cookie.

  2. Cookie Value - The value to be stored in the cookie.

Setting only these required fields will create a session cookie on the current subdomain and the root path.

If you wish to have the cookie persist beyond the session, specify the Expiration in Days. An integer is expected here.

If you wish to set the cookie on a domain above the current subdomain, you may specify it in the Domain field either as a static value or as a data element reference. As an example, if you have two sites is hosted on "" and "" you can specify "" as the domain upon which your cookie is set. This allows the cookie to be read from either subdomain.

If you specify a value in the Domain field (and/or Path field) when setting a cookie, you must specify the exact same value(s) if you wish to remove that cookie using the Cookie Remove action.

The Path field allows you to scope a cookie to a specific path on a site. It's not often used, but it's there for you if you should need it.

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