In DTM, this function provided a safe way to send messages to the dev console. In the bad old days, the use of console.log, console.warn, console.info, and console.error could cause problems on certain browsers, so the developers of DTM provided _satellite.notify.


In Launch, _satellite.notifyhas been deprecated. It still exists, but will be sunsetted at some point. It is advised to move to the _satellite.logger functions.

//Crusty old DTM way(s) - log
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.log");
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.log",0);
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.log",1);
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.log",2);
//Shiny new Launch way
_satellite.logger.log("This is like a console.log");

//Crusty old DTM way - info
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.info",3);
//Shiny new Launch way
_satellite.logger.info("This is like a console.info");

//Crusty old DTM way - warn
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.warn",4);
//Shiny new Launch way
_satellite.logger.warn("This is like a console.warn");

//Crusty old DTM way - error
_satellite.notify("This is like a console.error",5);
//Shiny new Launch way
_satellite.logger.error("This is like a console.error");

//No way to do this in DTM - debug
//Shiny new Launch way - debug
_satellite.logger.debug("This is like a console.debug");

In DTM, _satellite.notify could only take one string argument.

In Launch,_satellite.logger.*can be passed multiple arguments (strings, arrays, objects, etc) just likeconsole.*

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