Launch Build Info
Launch Build Info provides easy access to four pieces of information.
  • turbineVersion - Turbine is the orchestrator within a Launch JavaScript runtime library (the library deployed on a client website) which processes previously configured rules and delegates logic to extensions. This is the specific version of Turbine in use. For complete info see Launch Turbine on gitHub.
  • turbineBuildDate - This is the date on which turbineVersion was released. This date (and the turbineVersion) will match a release listed here.
  • buildDate - This is the date when the Launch library was built (using the publishing flow in Launch). If your lest build was a day ago, you'll see that reflected here. Note that this value match up with a successful build in the Activity Log for your Library.
  • environment - This returns one of three values: "development", "staging", or "production". It can be used to drive conditional logic based on the Launch environment.
Configuring the data element is as easy as selecting the attribute from the provided dropdown.
Last modified 2yr ago
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