Consent Manager Integration

The Consent Manager Integration allows you to delay the initialization of Data Layer Manager until a specific cookie is found. When this feature is active, DLM will not process any events that are pushed onto the data layer until a cookie with the provided name is detected. Once the cookie is detected (indicating that the user has provided consent information) DLM will initialize and will process any and all events that exist on the data layer.

This cookie is expected to be set on the same domain as the page (1st party) by the consent manager. For the OneTrust consent manager, the cookie name "OptanonConsent" is the value typically used.

Note that, the existence of the consent cookie only indicates a consent decision; it may mean that the user has declined to give consent for one or more tracking purposes. It is up to the implementor to use the information in the cookie to determine how it should impact tracking behavior.

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