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Main Configuration : Data Layer Object Name

Data Layer Object Name is only required field for configuration of this extension. As you might guess, it's pretty important to get this one right. The expected value here is the name of the variable on your pages that will serve as the middle-man between your application and Launch.

To better understand this, it might help to see little code. Below is the javascript that your application might use to push a Data Layer Event onto the data layer. In this case, our data layer is named appEventData

// Use the existing data layer or create a new one.
window.appEventData = window.appEventData || []; 

// Push an event object onto the data layer
    "event" : "Product Viewed",
    "product": [
      "productInfo": {
        "productID": "116109017099",
        "name": "Double Wall Mug",
        "brand": "Snow Peak"

To configure Data Layer Manager's Data Layer Object Name to work with this example data layer code just enter appEventData in the provided field.

Configure Event Names (optional)

This step is not required, but can be very helpful to future users who may not be aware of the names of all the data layer events under management. Event names entered in this configuration will be provided later when configuring Data Layer Push Events within Launch.

Please note that the values entered here must match the values used in the Event Objects that are pushed onto the data layer by the application.

See above for an example of the Configure Event Names section. See below for an example of named events showing when configuring Data Layer Push Events.

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